Secret Of Mariyamma’s Recipe

The story of Kerala's favorite brands read almost like a fairy tale. In 1999 a small pickle-manufacturing unit was established by Mr. & Mrs.K.A.Devassykutty in a remote village, Koovappady with a small investment of Rs.5000 and will power as capital. This Company's brand, as we all know, is MARIYAS. The art of making pickles (fruits and vegetables preserved in brine / oil with spices) originated in India.

about us

The beginning might have been humble, but the dreams had no limit. Today Mariyas is one of Kerala's leading privately owned pickle manufacturers. As time moved on, the pickle market continued to grow and Mariyas has penetrated the market and improved its market share. In 2004, the leaders foresee good demand for Sauces, Jams and Squashes in the market and they have established Pioneer Fruit Cans to manufacture these products. On the operation front, the Company was making equally dynamic and unveiled its new identity "ONNU THOTTA MATHI, SAPPAD BHESHAYEE" and made its first foray into the international market. In 2002 Mariyas new business division was formed in the name Mariya Exports and entry of Mariyas' mouth-watering taste in the overseas market made possible

The strong and dynamic promotional work further fortified the affinity of the brand with "MARIYAS, THE QUEEN OF TASTE" Mariyas strode into the 21st century as Kerala's biggest brand and the pre-eminent pickle brand in Kerala. It was equally recognized for its innovative approach to products and marketing.

Now the company and the staff, who is the nerve system of the firm, are working hard to meet the demand, but most of the time we could not succeed. In order to alleviate this situation, the company is opening another unit at Kottayam by end of September 2011.

Today more than two decades after those tentative first steps, Mariyas is not only going strong, but blazing new standards and horizons. The Company's offerings are spread across the State with more than 25 types of pickles and other products. Having succeeded in garnering the trust of all classes of people in Kerala, Mariyas will continue to dream widening its path of innovation and quality whilst believing that thousands of consumers continue their support to the NO.1 PICKLE BRAND IN KERALA.


The immensely motivated and enriched management staff and workers are the strength of the company. Their commitment to the work and attachment to the Company snatches the lion part of the credit for the commendable performance of the unit.

profile of directors

Mr. K.A. Devassykutty, a retired KSEB Engineer, is the founder Director of the company. He is renowned for his hard work, Punctuality and rigid principles. Under his leadership the company has grown well.

Mrs.K.A. Devassykutty, wife of Mr. Devassykutty is the taste Maker of the unit. She has been blessed with unbelievable Tastes of many items in her

Mr. Sijo Sebastian, young Management Graduate handles the real pivotal role in the company and he is the Managing Director of the company. His knowledge about the products and his sharp decisions are the vitamin capsules to the company. Being really enthusiastic, hard working youngster, he will definitely take the company to limitless horizons.

Mr. Tom Sebastian, Executive Director, who handles the export division of the Company, is an expert in Import & Export management. His work style as a One minute Manager is really an asset to the Company.

Mr. Tom Mathew : Youngest Director and Management Graduate, is slowly getting involved in the overall business affairs. He knows one should not keep quite about his ambitions - let everybody know what you want to achieve.

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  • jams
  • sauces
  • squashes
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  • spices
  • rice powders and spice pastes
  • rice products and savouries

The art of making pickle (fruits and vegetables preserved in brine / oil with spices) originated in India. Marias follows the same traditional and typical signature pickle recipes passed down through the largest range of pickles available in the market today. No wonder, Marias is the No/1 pickle brand.

pickles varieties

  • Lime Pickle Garlic Pickle Tender Mango Pickle
    Cut Mango Pickle Mixed Vegetable Pickle
    Ginger Pickle Gooseberry Pickle Vadukappuli Lime Carrot Pickle Green Chilly Pickle Tomato Pickle Bitter Gourd Pickle Ginger Pickle Puliyinchi Pickle Nutmeg Pickle Dates Pickle Betroot Pickle

brine pickles

  • Mango in Brine Ginger in Brine Carrot in Brine
    Pineapple in Brine Green chilly in Brine
    Cardamon in Brine Pepper n brine
    Garlic in Brine

white pickles

  • Lime White Pickle Vadukappuli Lime White Pickle
    Mixed Vegetable White Pickle Bitter Gourd White Pickle White green chilly pickle White kanthari pickle

non vegetarian pickles

  • Prawns Pickle Fish Pickle Meat pickle Dried Fish Pickle Dried Fish Pickle Dried Prawns Pickle Meat pickle Dried meat(Idiyirachi) Clam Pickle

chatney powder pickles

  • Coconut chatney powder Prawns chatney powder Idly chatney powder

dried pickles

  • Dried nellika pickle Dried lemon in oil Dried mango in oil Dried mango Dried nellika Vattal mango Vattal lime


  • Marias jams are made with the freshest and sweetest fruits from prime fruit growing areas around the countre. made with care and packed with purity, marias jams make their way to your kitchens and is much loved by young children. We bring you the healthiest, most flavorful jams.

jam varieties

  • Pineapple jam Mixed fruit jam Mango jam
    Orange jam Passion fruit jam Strawberry jam
    Banana jam

kutti jam

  • Marias jams are made with the freshest and sweetest fruits from prime fruit growing areas around the countre. made with care and packed with purity, marias jams make their way to your kitchens and is much loved by young children. We bring you the healthiest, most flavorful jams. care and packed with purity, marias jams make their way


  • Sauce is relish to make food mre appetizing Maria?s Sauces make food look. smell, and taste better, and hence is more easily digested. They bring a sweet and spicy surprise and blends fresh tomatoes, red chillies, pepper, garlic, ginger and other spices.


  • Energise your day with a nutritious fruit based squashes from Mariyas. We offer a range of refreshers with fruits from all aover India. Crushed, concentrated and preserved, all that is needed to enjoy a splash of freshness of mariya?s Squashes is to pour a little in a glass of cold water along with a few teaspoons of sugar to taste

convenience foods

  • Olan Kalan Thoran THeeyal Calm Meat
    Prawn Roast Dry Fish Powder Prawn Chutney with Coconut Salt Fish Chutney with Coconut Coconut Chutney

spices and spice mix

  • Chicken Masalas Fish Masalas Mutton Masalas Sambar Powder Chilly Powder Coriander Powder Turmeric Powder

rice powders and spice pastes

  • Puttu Powder Appam Powder Tamarind Paste
    Ginger Paste Garlic Paste Ginger Garlic Paste

rice products and savouries

  • Palakadan Matta rice peanut balls peanut candy banana chips jackfruit Chips Tapioca Chips

quality policy

Being an ISO 22000 certified company, we are keeping a close watch and trying sincerely to attain the International standard in all areas of operations. Hence, we manufacture each of our products under hygienic conditions and checking each batch to know whether it conforms to FPO standard.


We are proud to announce that our company is certified by ISO 22000 and licensed by FPO. Also we have certification of consumer protection council to our credit.


Distribution strategy of the company is influenced by the market structure, the distributor's objectives, its resources and their overall marketing capacity. The company is not directly marketing the products in domestic market as they are aware that they will not be able to reach all the remote markets, and IF IT IS NOT AVAILABLE, IT CANNOT BE SOLD.

The Company has very strong distribution network and keeping a shared sense of responsibility. We believe that the producer and intermediary are there to help each other.

We keep on continued communications with them, Covering the sales goals, market information, suggetions for improvement. Also we gather for review meetings, dinners, congratulatory award presentations which will help to keep everyone working closely together. These non-financial incentives will definitely provide them a form of psychic income.


Every business needs profit goals to set direction and to ensure the business not only survives, but thrives. While fixing the price, we consider cost, competitor's price, value of product received by customers etc. Our pricing is related to that extent does improving customer satisfaction increase customer willingness to pay.

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